Monday, May 04, 2009

Venture Capitalist Needed !

VC’s – Start Your Engines !

In the fall of 2004, in the pre-dawn hours of YouTube, I sat with a branding director/ mentor/colleague/friend (and client) in West New York NJ and told him of a concept I had. My concept was that musicians of various points of the planet could join together, collaborate and produce songs in each of their locations and share the files, using - Protools or Logic, and make an "open source" or "open system" type of production that all around the globe could add on to, musical parts or variations, et, in each of their various creative ways from wherever anyone may be online and connected via broadband.

As some may remember, it was during that fall that broadband bandwidth for ISP's in the US had just exceeded over 50 percent of home ISPs, “internet service providers.” It was my impression it would take some time before this would become viable in other countries due to bandwidth yet to have reached comparable levels of home usage. A month ago I had just learned of some friends in Sommerset, SA that just came online at home in a modest income community.

One hint of this concept arrived in 2005 via Playing For Change, (it was later posted on YT) which was followed by a subsequent concept on the newly arrived "YouTube" and an artist by the name of Terra Naomi. It was the subsequent arrangements and parts that musicians contributed in on with Terra's "Say It's Impossible" original that I thought really solidified what I was thinking back in WNY that fall 2004. And the rest is history.

My vision at Catfish Friday Music, in late 2004, was that of a "portal" for musicians and producers to source another’s talent via this online community of musicians. This community would consist of musicians with home studios tooled with Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) using Protools, Logic Audio, Cubase, (and then later "Garage Band"), since prices for these platforms were becoming more affordable.

Four and one half years later, and with GarageBand selling at $ 99.00, and most new electronic keyboards equipped with USB interface means, now couldn’t be more fitting a time for this community to arrive.




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