Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Up until a week ago, I’d never have thought our “BAH” feature at Catfish Friday Music had such formidable and appreciable competition. At Catfish, we BAH, as in – fish or cut the bait. But technically a “BAH,” at CFM, has to do with the process members go through when they “Bait A Hook,” which involves submitting a form that members fill out when soliciting other member’s services within the Catfish Friday Music Community. And the word/term “BAH” on the CFM website, ranks among the highest, next to “music,” keyword density terms used on the entire site.

I found it odd when I launched in early April, that I had a visits and hits from IP addresses registering all over Eastern Europe, Russia, Lithuania, and many from China. And I couldn’t figure out how these folks could be so instantly, BAH crazy, or Catfish fan savvy..? The traffic and hack attempts were nominal, and I only had to restore a few times from back ups.

When researching some of the IP addresses, (insane I know) some of the names of companies didn’t really jump out at me. Many from Mountain View, CA, which is understandable. But some others I found strange, nor could I have imagined why some worldwide multi-conglomerates would be visiting my site, other than, maybe they wanted to join up, work on a tune, BAH, or even invest? Who’d know – two months, two weeks ago. Two of those companies are called, The Carlyle Group, and the other, Booz Allen Hamilton,

So, up until just a few days ago have I been able to “connect the dots,” as we say at CFM, as in “musical” notes between members, but also in the context of how our “BAH,” Bating A Hook, was soon to be in a standoff, branding wise, if not trademark wise, with another formidable BAH cyber entity. While not fully confirmed, I was reading in the NY Times that Booz Allen Hamilton’s major share holder is, none other than, The Carlyle Group.

CFM is presently considering offering both entities, “Golden Hook” lifetime memberships for all their musical staff’s needs, and share the “real” BAH experience where it deserves the most attention, as in “Connecting The Dots Across Town and Beyond,” and making music!

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