Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Occupy Broadway Big Hit! OWS Lives On and Beyond


Occupation Broadway was smashing success.
Saturday performance went well with
“Bye Bye All Those Wall Street Lies”
parody on '71 hit "Miss American Pie," and
"We Shall Overcome."

So Bye, Bye all those Wall St Lies.
The 99 percent is here and ready to RISE!
And them good old boys were drinkin whiskey and lied
Singing this'll be the day Wall st died.
Sining this'll be the day Wall St. died.

A long long time ago, I can still remember
How my bank teller used to make me smile
And I knew if I had my chance,
That I could make those dollars dance
And maybe I’d be happy for a while
But Fall ‘08 made me shiver,
Mountains high of toxic paper .
More bad news on the doorstep
with globalized economics.
I can't remember if I cried,
When I read about how Bernie Lied!
But something touched me deep inside,
The day – that day, that Wall street died/cried.

Did you write the book of hope
And do you have faith the Fed can cope?
If the senate tells you so?
Now do you believe in toxic loans?
Can bank bail outs save your simple home?
And can you teach us how to think real slow?
Well, you know some ---------- 1 percent,
Ran the banks on shorts without even a scent.
Some sat back and smiled,
While the markets fell a mile!
We were a lonely first class one time bunch.
With a lot of hope, not on some Wall St dope.
I knew we were running with little luck,
The day that Wall St died.

Now, for 200 years we've been on our own,
Where no toxic moss grows on a rolling stone
But that's not how it used to be,
When Goldman Sachs sang for FDIC
In a coat they borrowed from AIG
When the showdown stage lights grew dim.
Oh and while the SEC pants were down
Madoff stole the all time crown.
The congress couldn’t sort,
An mp3 from a CDO.
While commissions paced - the traitors danced
The DOW fell down beneath Euro trance.
Most counted pennies in the dark,
In the days, as Wall St died.

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